Lance Corporal Neville Rosslyn James MacFarlane

Army No.2586229

 At Arnhem: A Section

Back Across Rhine during Operation Berlin


Born: 19-06-1919, Birmingham

Passed Away: 14-12-2010, Stratford-upon-Avon  

Neville flew in on the 17th in Chalk No.435, on board a jeep, trailer, 7 men  (Signals) including Major Hugh Maquire of 1st Airborne Division HQ.  Due to heavy clouds and failure of the tow rope angle indicator, it was decided to release the towrope from the tugplane and make an premature landing. The Horsa came down in a field between  Wiltshire and Gloucestershire, and ended up in a bondary ditch, near South Cerney Airfield. They took off again the following day from RAF Fairford. Eventually he ended up at the Hartenstein Hotel, were he stayed until he crossed the river swimming and holding on to one of the boats.

The Gliderpilots of Chalk No.435, with photo of Staff-Sergeant Duns, the loading list, a copy of Sgt Bryant logbook, photo and newspaper article.                              (Credits R de Heer/Selena/Stephanie Hardy), copyright Bryant family.