Roelie Urbaan-Nijland (She did not took part in the movie, but helped out with some other kids)

Lived at Keerweer 27, Oosterbeek


Roelie lived with her family at Keerweer 27 (near Tafelberg Hotel) at Oosterbeek.,Her father was carpenter/contractor. During the battle they had one day 2 or 3 British soldiers in the cellar, the next day they were in German hands.  They had about 17 persons in the cellar. The family evacuated on September 23rd, on their way, they passed the house of Pastor N.J.A van Excel, at the Schelmseweg, at Oosterbeek, he was killed by shrapnel 2 days earlier,.

His wife asked Roelie father to help to bury him in the garden, after this they went with his wife towards Beekbergen were she had some family, and the Nijland family stayed there until the end of the war. As he was a contractor the family already moved back on April 27th  1945 to Oosterbeek. The house was damaged, the roof was gone, but this was fixed soon.

When the Film Unit came to Oosterbeek see and a number kids, helped out at the Tafelberg, like collecting straw and equipment to fill up Battledress and trousers so it could act as a wounded or killed soldier. Also collecting debris, this was placed on board attached to a rope and on call it was released and it was like a shell hit the building, with glas and debris falling down.