Private David Parker

Army No.14327620

 At Arnhem: No.1 Mortar Platoon, Support Company

Chalk No.230

Back across the Rhine during Operation Berlin, Wounded upper left arm

Casualty List No. 1578.


Born: 1925

Passed Away: 01-04-2019,Irvine, North Ayrshire

Letter to webmaster 1999:

I have enclosed a photograph of myself, I was in Glider 230 , I was in support Company, No,1 Mortar platoon handcasrts, I was No2 in the detachtment I was in. We went in on the 17th, when we landed we disembarked, no enemy fire, and took up position in the near trees with our 3inch mortar in position and did some fire on some targets that night and the next day. After that my detachment went to the landing zone which was on the other side of the railway from Oosterbeek to protect the Poles and others that were landing there. Next we went under the railway and took up position and dug in our 3ïnch mortar in the lawn of a thatched house which had a big garden below and the same side of the road as the White house. Where we were in support from the rest of the battle, for how many days or how long, I am not usre. From there I was further back up towards the centre of Oosterbeek and among houses. From there unitl we evacuated across the river, I was various positions all around Oosterbeek.

In the evacuation to get back across the Rhine, I was wounded on the left upper arm. I was helped towards the river by others, then back in a Canadian boat, and joined up the other survivors. I was in a hospital in Brussels and then to a hospital in Nuneaton in England.  Eventually I got back to the Mortars in the Battalion. We then went to Norway, while we were there I and some others were picked along to go back to Arnhem and oosterbeek to make the film, "Theis is the Glory". We were in Arnhem and Oosterbeek during the 1st anniversarry. When the Battalion was disbanded I was posted to Germany and finished my service in the Wiltshire Regiment in 1947.

Chalk 230 after it landed at Wolfheze and being unloaded (R de Heer)