The Tickets

It is always said that these ticketts were made from metal (aluminium) of the remains of gliders found at the former landingzones at Wolfheze, until now (November 2023) there aren't any documents who prove this, nor is it known if they were made in the Netherlands of the United Kingdom.

The ticket below belonged to Father of Cor Janse (author of the Dutch books "Blik Omhoog" about Wolfheze during the period 1940-1945). He was a member of the local resistance. (Collection Ph. Reinders) These orginal tickets weight 25 gram each.

There are 2 type of original tickets, one made for those who attend the premiere in Netherlands and another made for the world premiere in Great Britain and Canada (below collection Ph. Reinders)

An interesting acquistion I bought in 2021, was a world premiere ticket, in itself nothing special as these do turn op now and then, but this one does not appear to be completely finished!. There is still a piece of aluminium at the top which on all the others I have ever seen had been removed after casting and finished neatly.

Was this taken by someone from the foundry and/or given to someone as a souvenir, in any case it is very exceptional and certainly not added later, a test specimen perhaps?.

There was some blue paint on it, also cobwebs and dirt, it probably lying somewhere for a long time without being looked at. In short a nice piece of Theirs is the Glory history, if anyone knowns anything more about, please get in touch.

Till so far I have been able to trace 3 replica's of the tickets, two of them were sold as replica's, one as original but as it weight is 60 gram, so this is also a replica, the other two replica weight 21 and 23 gram and are a fraction smaller then the originals (Collection Ph. Reinders)

The other is a replica made for the 2006 Theirs is the Glory DVD  (Collection Ph. Reinders)

A short of replica of the ticket as a group price for the Airborne Wandeltocht held every September in Oosterbeek, it is a bronze ticket,  till so far the year is unknown (probably 50/60) so any information is most welcome. (Collection Ph. Reinders)