On September 12th, 1945 there was one final "last casualty" of the Battle of Arnhem. During the filming in Arnhem a young men called Wietze Jacobus Thomassen, 20 years old was watching the filming with other civilians, when around 16.00hrs he was shot by a police officer he died the same day in the hospital, His father was a pharmacist in Arnhem, the following appeared in a newspaper on September 18th:


During the filming, which the Film Unit of the Airbornes Wednesday afternoon made in the vicinity of the Rhine Bridge in Arnhem, an incident occurred, which had a fatal outcome. A crowd of about 200 persons had gathered at this point to enjoy the spectacle and penetrated close to the operators so that two members of the auxiliary police were forced to clear the road of public. A young man was also ordered to leave, but must have said something along the lines of: "you guys do get to talk a lot". The policeman then shoved the young man, who hit him back and ran off. The assistant policeman then called out to his colleague: "Shoot him" and without thinking, the latter shouldered his gun, took aim and killed the young man.

Het Vrije Volk of September 15th, wrote the following:

Auxiliary police shoots boy dead.

The acting chief commissioner of police of this city sends us an official announcement, printed below in full, regarding the fatal shooting on Eusebiusbuitensingel.

During the shooting of footage for the film The battle of Arnhem, which took place on and around the Rijnbrug in the last few days, the Arnhem population also plays a role.
Several Arnhem boys dressed as Germans, for instance, took part in the "battles". Interest in this event is always extremely high. So great, in fact, that the Police always have their hands full removing the curious, who threaten to ruin several recordings.
On Wednesday afternoon, a crowd of spectators had also lined up along the slope of the Rhine bridge to watch the filming. By order of the operators, the auxiliary police present there had to clear the embankment. One of the officers asked the public to move on. A number of rowdy boys did not comply, prompting the assistant police officer to insist that they be removed. Before the assistant policeman could add newspapers to his request to remove the boys, one of the boys, 20-year-old Th, punched the assistant policeman on duty in the face, causing him to flee.

The policeman pursued the fleeing Th in order to arrest him and transfer him to the Police Headquarters. The pursuit took place from the embankment of the bridge over the Eusebiusbuitensingel. In front of plot 59 of the eusebiusbuitensingel, another auxiliary constable was on post with a carbine. he suddenly saw a young man running, behind whom was a colleague armed with a nightstick. This colleague called out to him : "Shoot". At this, the armed auxiliary agent took the carbine from the shoulder and shouted several times "Stand still or I will shoot". The fleeing young man turned around several times and must have seen that he was being targeted. He tried to take cover behind a passing car. The auxiliary agent fired a shot and hit Th. in the back. Immediately, the pursuing auxiliary agent was with him to render assistance. In an ambulance of the Red Cross that was just passing by, the victim was taken to the emergency hospital here. He died of the injuries sustained during the day.
The CID is conducting a further in-depth investigation into the circumstances of the incident.

The surroundings of the Rijnbrug in Arnhem, with the Eusebiusbuitensingel in the background (including house number 59, Hoefsloot's premises), and a German Panther tank on the right. The picture was taken during filming of the film Theirs is the Glory (about the Battle of Arnhem, September 1944), in the summer of 1945 . (GA 2867-428)

Police Reports about the shooting incident

The Thomassen family grave, the stone is in poor condition, at Moscowa Cemetery at Arnhem, Section 2R, Grave.147 (copyright Ph. Reinders)