Tafelberg Hotel scene, standing Captain Livingstone, Glider Pilot Regiment  (330)

Tafelberg Hotel scene  (331)

Tafelberg Hotel scene with Desmond Hurst the director (332)

Tafelberg Hotel scene "wounded" soldiers (333)

Tafelberg Hotel scene, Standing Major Stark, 1st Parachute Battalion, leaning against the wall Lieutenant R.B. Stevens, Glider Pilot Regiment  (334)

Tafelberg Hotel scene (335)

Kerk Oosterbeek Laag, with Major Lonsdale standing on the left (336)

Evacuation scene  (337)

Unknown soldier (338)

Oosterbeek, Operation Berlin (339)

Oosterbeek, Operation Berlin (340)

Oosterbeek, Weverstraat, Operation Berlin (341)

Weverstraat scene  (342)

Tafelberg Hotel scene, de "German soldier is Gerrit Steemers from Oosterbeek  (343)

Hoofdlaan, Oosterbeek The directors (344)

Hoofdlaan , Oosterbeek  (345)

Crew members at Oosterbeek  (346)

Crew members at the Hoofdlaan?  (347)

Crew at the Royal Artillery/Signal dugout behind the Hartenstein Hotel (348)

Lieutenant Treherne and an unknown Staff Sergeant area Benedendorpsweg (349)

Backyard of Tafelberg Hote, the director of the right, the Glider Pilot is Bob McNaught, note the field grave in front of the open door (350)

Director Desmond Hurst  (351)

 Lieutenant Colonel Bryce Military Liaison Officer  (351)