Gunner/Driver Richard Arthur Jobling

Army No.957139

 At Arnhem: F Troop, 3rd Battery

Flew in with Chalk No.509, premature landing

 Wounded, Evader

Casualty List No. 1606. Previously reported Missing believed Prisoner of War Casualty List No. 1582 now Not Missing.


Born: 14-04-1918, Bristol

Passed Away:  14-03-1985, Sea Mills, Bristol

Flew in with Chalk 509, flow by Glider Pilots, Staff Sergeant Wiliam Wicks Potts and Sergeant G. Stephenson, the glider made a premature landing , due to a tow-rope and made an emergency landing near some  woods, at a place called Drunen, 16 kilometres south west of S'Hertogenbosch.

Glider Pilot photo's via R de Heer